Our company culture is the way we do things around here, what really defines us. If our team members can react to situations and circumstances instinctually, rather than needing to be directed, then we are well on our way to having the right kind of workplace.

At Palma Pictures we don't believe in hierarchy and pyramidal organisational structures. Instead we advocate challenge and create an environment that attracts and retains talent. Over time we have managed to assemble a formidable team of freethinking, motivated and fun-loving people from all corners of the planet.

Each quarter we analyse the results from the employee survey and take actions to improve the way we do things.

2016 saw the advent of the Palma Pictures Culture Club. The team - comprised of a cross-section of employees from throughout the company- gathers every week to discuss our company culture and put into place initiatives to better the employee experience at Palma Pictures. This framework provides the opportunity for decisions to be made from within the organization and ensures that we are constantly looking after our culture.

In 2016 we also organized several after work, informal get-togethers, internal training sessions, team-building events, our annual summer party and a volunteering day amongst other things.

It is also a great opportunity for employees to have a voice, use their initiative and to get noticed.

Putting culture in the job description

Values in Action programme

Every month we ask each of our team members to nominate the person they think has best expressed one of our values. These stories are then shared with everyone and a vote taken for the favourite. The winning stories are then shared at the monthly company meeting with the owner of the favourite story receiving a prize.

Your Voice

Every quarter we also ask our team a number of questions to gauge how satisfied they are with the way we are upholding our company culture. The feedback, in the form of results and suggestions, is then built into an action plan so that we can continue to make improvements and better our working environment.

Our score at the end of 2015 was 71% satisfaction, this has risen 4% in 2016, so our score as we end 2016 is 75%. Values are also an integral part of our appraisals process when both employee and manager discuss if the values have or haven't been expressed. We also regularly host team-building days, hold impromptu parties, offer volunteer days and generally take advantage of any way that we can boost our team morale.

Here are some stories from our 'Values in Action':


We have recently been bidding a Virtual Reality job from China and Mireia has been doing a fantastic job dealing with an extremely complex process. Constant updates and changes, app development and new tech don't seem to phase her. As always, a fresh approach that is certainly recognised and appreciated by our clients. Welcome back Mireia!


My nomination for this month is... MJ for being generous. She has a never-ending workload and whilst the rest of us may celebrate busy months, for MJ and her team it creates a mountain of work. She is the glue in the finance department and helps us keep the engine running on a daily basis. Supplier payments, tax returns, the audit, cash demands for production and she pays our salaries! Keep it up MJ!


I'd like to nominate PJ for the value of clear. In all of my interactions with him he has always been very precise regarding budgeting and costs, equipment abilities, gear substitutes when needed and future technical trends. I have felt very supported by him always being clear and concise on any technical issue. I also appreciate his taking the time to follow up and see how any given shoot went.


A very special effort was made recently by quite a few people on the Fresco Shoot, so we should congratulate everyone involved. My vote goes to Alex Hunt for being so smart in executing a very challenging production, achieving every necessity with a very reduced budget & sending a client home very happy & satisfied with the out - come! Well done Alex.