Critical Success Factor
Territorial focus

Critical Success Factor
A value-driven culture

Critical Success Factor
Quality-secured processes

Critical Success Factor
Accurate and transparent information

New Business / Growth
Critical Success Factor
Fast R.O.I.

Palma Pictures has been working with a strategic management tool called the Balanced Scorecard since 2007 and it has become a cornerstone of our managerial development proctess, ensuring that the organisation is consistently aligned towards a mutual goal.

The BSC helps us to harness the skills and passion of each and every member of our team, providing them with individual annual targets and activities.

By activating all levels of our diverse organisation, Palma Pictures is able to constantly re-appraise and assess progress, as well as formulate concrete actions based on departmental goals.

Each year we outline five key areas with separate targets and contributions. These areas act as supporting pillars for the business, within which we can identify individual success factors, sub-targets and contributions down to an individual level.

This way we can engage our whole team and take a collective approach to ensuring the future growth of our company.