From print, branded content and TVC production through to television series, reality shows and feature films, we have worked hard to expand our service portfolio.

We are increasingly able to offer our clients a more diverse and flexible service solution, as well as identifying synergies throughout the value chain that promote quality as well as efficiency.

Our business model remains focused on content creation and capture. From one-man-bands to productions with a crew of hundreds, no project is too big or small and we are geared to cater to all types of media production.

We retain the capability to offer a truly integrated full service solution and whilst our headquarters remain on the island of Mallorca, with its unique selection of locations and possibilities, we also now offer a mobile solution with partnerships across the globe and offices stretching from Los Angeles to Shanghai, as well as a production centre in Barcelona.

Some of our in-house resources


- 50 full-time crew in key positions and a flexible staffing structure that allows for several hundred co-workers per day through our freelance database. Producers based in Los Angeles, Toronto, London and Shanghai.

- Languages spoken include: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Russian, Japanese and Mandarin. Our network offers all skill sets including: SFX, animal wranglers, food stylists, stunt personnel and underwater camera specialists.


- Portfolio of locations, with more than 250,000 images, stretching from our headquarters in Mallorca, through the Balearic Islands, across the whole of mainland Spain and to the Canary Islands

- Strong relationships with local authorities and communities


- State of the art camera, lighting and grip equipment, as well as a dedicated fleet In-house technicians, familiar with the equipment, to ensure fluidity of service

- Synergy effects in the budgeting and planning process for both potential and upcoming productions


- Central part of all our production activity 4,500 m2 (including a 1,000 m2 sound stage)

- Fully-equipped with offices, restaurant, gym, costume, make-up, green rooms, construction workshops, casting studio and packshot studios