Our belief in acting responsibly, both as an employer and as a member of the Spanish business community remains strong and we have always looked to lead by example. CSR activity is a key focus in our annual strategy and all members of our team are on board in helping to achieve our annual goals.

We have also been delighted to see much stronger awareness amongst our clients, resulting in a greater willingness to cooperate with our suggested approaches to reduce paper and plastic bottle usage.

Here are some of the headlines of our activity over the past year

  • We retained both our ISO 14001 and EMAS certifications for a seventh consecutive year.
  • We maintained our membership of SEDEX, a not for profit organisation dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains.
  • We commissioned a study to investigate the carbon footprint of a specific shoot, with a view to making this calculation available for all future projects.
  • We continue to gift a re-usable water bottle to all new crew and incoming clients in an effort to drastically reduce consumption of plastic water bottles.
  • Operación Kilo

    Led by our Head of Reception Jenni Sykes, we have collected and delivered 860kg of food and 1030 euros donated by our staff, freelancers and local suppliers since we started participating with this excellent charity back in 2012. The charity distributed the food collected to the most needy here on the island.

    In 2015 we also produced a short film to help spread awareness about the charity and its aims with one of our budding young local directors, supported by collaboration from many of our staff and freelance community.

    The Fireflies

    We were proud to support the Fireflies once again in 2016. Each June a group of intrepid cyclists ride over the French Alps, from Lake Geneva to the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. Their challenge is to ride more than 1000kms over 18 mountains in 7 days in support of the leukaemia charity Leuka. Our Barcelona’s Executive Producer, Michael Nouri, rode the race.

    Projecte Home Balears

    In 2015, we shot a pro-bono film for the local initiative, Projecte Home Baleares, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the prevention, treatment and investigation of drug addiction. They offer a personalised and free service to those in need of support in order to beat their addictions.

    AdGreen Collaboration

    In 2015, we began a beautiful friendship with the UK sustainability project AdGreen - a new initiative to make commercials production greener, supported by the APA. They have been in deep discussions with our Sustainability department, comparing notes and brainstorming together to learn from each other’s initiatives and share resources. From the beginning, our intention at PP has been to share our efforts in any way that could be useful to other companies who hold the same objectives. So if you want to learn more about how to green your own productions starting with some simple first steps, head over to adgreen-apa.net and join the many other production companies enjoying the free resources available on their site. Do also feel free to contact Palma Pictures Sustainability Project Manager at tracy@palmapictures.es.