Locations Visual Provider

Our main mission is the visual assistance to all the members of the Palma Pictures commercial network by providing them with the best possible locations visual references and presentation for each audio-visual or photographic project, of the whole of Spain.

Locations Photo Filing

The second essential task is the classification, tagging and filing in our custom made location photo stock program of all the location photos acquired by Palma Pictures through the different location scouts that take place constantly throughout each year.

Best Photographic Quality and Top selling Images

Others complementary tasks are to implement and supervise the photographic quality of the scouts and providing top selling images to Palma Pictures Marketing department.

More than 250,000 images

Extensive locations image database of Mallorca, Barcelona, The Canary Islands and the Spanish mainland.

Less than 24h commitment

The Visuals Department has a commitment with the Palma Pictures commercial network to provide a Visual response within less than 24 hours from the arrival of the bid’s information.




by Jacobo Gutierrez, Location Manager

Turning real world into a reel world, so to say.

Looking for places is a cool job. No question about it. Finding a physical place for a drawing in a storyboard is a peculiar task. Challenging, but fun, no doubt about it. But trying to see the space someone else created in its mind is really the key factor when it comes to explain the work of a location manager. It requires a rather creative eye, comprehension, sympathetic perception of spots and situations... In other words, a humble capacity of interpretation.

This job forces you to rack your brains seeking for those place in your memory, pottering along the retentive visual storage unit... Where have I seen a field (house, garden, mountain, stadium, workshop, depressing office, forest path, Turkish looking street) like this ?