Location Shooting Package

Studio Shooting Package

Full Equipment Inventory

The Palma Pictures technical department is broken down into 3 different departments: camera, grip and lighting, with the additional vehicles, company IT and studio maintenance under our responsibility.

This department consists of 5 x technicians with 2 x full location lighting, camera and grip equipment packages as well as a fleet of over 20 x vehicles.

In the department we have an Alexa SXT, Alexa MINI and RED Epic Dragon cameras with Zeiss, Cooke and Angenieux cine lenses as well as 2 x Fisher dollies, cranes and remote heads. The lighting department have Arri lights that ranging from 18Kw down to small LED lights as well as 2 x large location generators.

We can therefore supply all the equipment needs and can offer a bespoke equipment shooting package depending on each of our clients needs.

We also boast a 4.500 m2 studio including a 1000m2 sound studio with 42 x Sachtler hoists for rigging that can be controlled from a main control box at floor level.

Palma Pictures is a unique service company for the reason that we own all of our own equipment as opposed to renting from established camera rental houses etc. Normally freelance technicians work on the shoots only and rental house technicians maintain the equipment, here we cover both roles in one.