Our mix of clients has also increased with work originating from a much broader pool of clients.

Content production and Mallorca have a longstanding relationship and it is no coincidence that the alluring Mediterranean island was the birthplace of Palma Pictures. With an unbeatable combination of diverse shooting locations, close proximity, favourable weather and a well-developed tourism infrastructure, Mallorca remains a go-to destination for producers from all over the globe.

Palma Pictures was founded nearly 25 years ago in order to provide high-end production services to the global spot advertising market, but over the years our clients' demands have shifted and evolved, meaning that today's typical Palma Pictures shoot will look a little different to just a few years ago. Our mix of clients has also increased with work originating from a much broader pool of clients including both production and post-production houses, as well as direct from agencies and brands.

Technology continues its evolution at a breakneck speed and we are driven to constantly re-evaluate and reinvest in the latest camera, lighting and grip equipment to stay ahead of the curve. As our clients seek to spread their marketing spend over an increasing number of platforms and media, the demand for cost-efficient solutions has never been greater and we enjoy working alongside our various stakeholders in the pursuit of the most effective solution for their specific marketing spend, by way of formulas such as bundled productions.

Print and branded content capture teams tend to be smaller and more dynamic than their larger TVC, television and feature film cousins, requiring different processes and skill-sets. Due to our experience across the wider landscape of content capture, we are able to take learnings from each area and bring them to bear on the others, remaining flexible and responsive as we go forward.