Mike Day


Michael Day has over twenty five years experience in the film, television and advertising industries, serving in numerous roles from assistant director to producer. He first gained management experience when, at the age of 20, he was promoted to General Manager for Movie Screen News Production, a company supplying film crews and equipment to broadcasters such as the BBC, MTV, VH1 and ITV networks. In 1999, he set up the Palma Pictures London office before being promoted to Executive Producer and subsequently Managing Director in 2003. He became a partner in 2007.

Trent Walton

Executive Producer

Trent Walton has held many production positions since starting in the film and television industry in 1993 and produced several award-winning short films. He joined our London office as producer in 2001 and by 2004 was Head of Production, overseeing production from all territories. In 2005 he became Executive Producer. Since 2007 he has been a Managing Partner, helping to lead a team of 50 film professionals and to meet the company's growth targets.

Ramón Caravaca


Ramón Caravaca started working with Palma Pictures as accountant in 1997 and was promoted to Financial Director in 1999. Prior to that, he was a professional accountant and advisor at Montis Law Office in Palma. He has been instrumental in controlling and developing the financial health of the company, as well as sharing the responsibilities of the studio construction from 1998 to 2000. He became a partner in 2007.

Paul Abrey

Managing Director

With a career in senior position in both the private and public sector always driving business performance, Paul joined Palma Pictures in 2016. Formerly Barclays Global Strategy Director, as well as British Consul and Finance advisor to the FCO, and most recently leading the regulatory department of major Canadian bank, T.D., in various countries from Asia to the Americas. While British consul in Spain, Paul began what was to become a solid relationship working with Palma Pictures, which strengthened through the years.